Putting your power where your mouth is…

Yes Virginia, there are politicians who mean what they say, have good ideas, and are willing to use the power we the people loan them… to do the right thing. 

I say this on the wave of good cheer I feel after meeting with one such politico to share our ideas for an international cultural center to be built here in Amsterdam.  It’s past time for such a center to be built – or perhaps not.  Perhaps right now is when the political and cultural will – and need – is just right.  With the vitriol of the anti-immigrant populists starting to be tempered by intrepid politicians singing the praises of the Expat community, and research showing the imminent need for another influx of immigrant workers, we are seeing a slight but encouraging change in tone.  Some are starting to understand the hypocrisy of marketing the Netherlands (specifically Amsterdam) as a mecca for international business, while constantly deriding our international citizenry. 

Are times changing?  We can hope…and keep working to make it so.  The Center we are trying to build (see the BizArts page on this website) will be an immense aid in many of our efforts.  I applaud the partners – politicians, artists and businesses – who are helping to make it happen.  If you see the need for such a place, I encourage you to tell us why.  You can comment here, or email me: ducarme@xs4all.nl


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