Zomer actie / Summer offer: translations for the film industry

Are you…

  • Developing a new script which needs to be read by non-Dutch speaking advisors?
  • Searching for international funding for an existing Dutch language project ?
  • Hiring an international crew for your Netherlands film project?
  • Taking your Dutch project into an international workshop with guest teachers from Hollywood or beyond?

 Then you need an English language translation of your reading script – and this summer is the perfect time to get the job done!

 Affordable rate: €1500 euros (ex btw) for scripts up to 100 pages and delivered in the original Dutch;

  • A quick turnaround: 10 days from start of assignment to 1st draft delivery.  Final draft within 24 hours of receipt of comments regarding 1st draft;
  • Personal service (optional): a preliminary meeting to discuss issues of ‘tone’ and ‘voice’; a second meeting to discuss adjustments to the first draft.
  • Discretion: your project remains yours – while your company name may make it to my client list for future reference, the film title will not. No leaking of confidential ideas or casting information.  

 Translation is from Dutch to American English.
The above translation rate is good for projects accepted before August 30th 2012, which will be  used for reading or workshop purposes only.

 Also available at reasonable rates:

  • Rush delivery (5 days from start of assignment to 1st draft delivery)
  • ‘Queen’s English’ translation services
  • A ‘Fixit’ service: Did you try to translate the original Dutch script, or hire a non-native English speaker to do so, and are less than pleased with the results?  I can help!

 Consultation services separate from translation services are also available. (Dutch or English scripts)

 For recommendations and a short selection of previous clients, visit www.donnaducarme.com.  Pages: “The Write Stuff” and “Recom’s”…

For more information, or to schedule an appointment to discuss your project, email ducarme@xs4all.nl or call: +31(0)62.697.4649…

…and let me help you get your project in the right hands before ‘the summer is out’.

Best wishes for a successful project, and have a great – and creative – summer!


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