The Political Expat – Obama’s Plan

I’ve had it. If I hear one more Obama supporter whine about him not having a plan – or not communicating that plan well enough to be far ahead in the polls by now – I’m going to scream.

Let’s all agree: a candidate should have a plan, and should talk to us about it. So which of the two likely contenders have one? Obama. What is it? More of the same. Easy peasy. You can simply look back on his presidency and decide if you like his plan. Or not. But saying he doesn’t have one is – at the risk of angering some folks I really like – just ignorant of the facts.

Does Romney have a plan? He claims to. He talks about it all the time. But he never tells us what it is.  He’s going to lower taxes. Like every Republican candidate before him, he claims this as part of his plan. But for who? And where will he find the money to repair the shortfall these tax cuts will cause? By closing loopholes. But which ones? By cutting entitlements…but don’t worry, not any of the ones that will affect your grandma. Or our veterans. Or the poor people who really need it, as opposed to the parasites who don’t want to take responsibility for their lives.

Yeah, right.

Romney doesn’t have a plan, he just tells us he does. And we listen to his generalizations and platitudes, and agree. And then ask the sitting president to give us the same.

Obama has been running on his record during this entire campaign. Let me say it again: More of the Same: slow but sure financial recovery, health care reform, civil rights for all, environmentally responsible energy independence, etc., etc.. You might not like it, you might only like parts of it, but his record is his plan, and he has been telling it to us loud and clear. 

Romney can’t run on his record, because the only one he has combines his public service as governor of Massachusetts and his personal history as a corporate and religious leader. His biggest success as a governor (the one he truly owns, and not the many he claims) was socialized health care, so that’s an Obamacare no-go area. His two biggest successes as a businessman were the Olympics (which doesn’t bear looking at too closely, in case it might be attributed to the team he nominally led and some questionable financial deals he made) and Bain, which brings up questions of tax evasion, job outsourcing, and corporate raiding. And he can’t run on his record as a religious leader, except for “I was nice to my parishioners”, because that brings up the role of women and who owns the controlling shares in their bodies… and where he thinks Jesus is going to land. So what can he do? Divert attention from his record by focusing our attention on his so-called Plan. Don’t give specifics, because those specifics – if they even exist – will send the voter running to the other side. And say loudly and often “the other guy doesn’t have a Plan.”

In the last days, Obama has stepped forward with a 5-point outline of something that looks like plan, spelling it out for those of us who crave simplicity. Too little too late, the whiners say. I say they haven’t been paying attention: Obama has been telling us his plan during the entire campaign, by running on his record.

Romney cannot run on his record, or talk straight about his Plan.

Who’s playing the winning card in this election? Who’s responsible for this being such a tight race? Obama supporters. They started whining the day he took office: he’s never been the messiah they expected him to be, never mind what he was up against, and that he kept telling us he was no such thing. They are helping to define the campaign. They are fueling Romney’s argument. The only question is if they will be crying the day after the election, and if so, at whose clay feet they will lay the blame.


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