The BizArts Buzz

Announcing the creation of a monthly e-letter: the BizArts Buzz.  The Buzz will be filled with event listings from Amsterdam’s international Business and Arts community: exhibitions, performances, and workshops. Networking events and film nights. A sprinkling of news and commentary. And all in the second language of the Netherlands: English.  The Buzz is for the native Dutch speaker with a fondness for Shaw in Shaw’s own language, the international resident looking for an English language yoga class, visitors to our fair city wishing to know ‘waz up’ in the “But I don’t speak Dutch” cultural scene.

The Buzz is a project of BizArts Amsterdam – the support and advocacy organization for Amsterdam’s Dutch/International crossover community. It will be created by and for the artists, entrepreneurs, and educators for whom English is the language we use when working and playing. Edited by BizArts’ owner Donna DuCarme, the Buzz will land in your inboxes during the last week of the month, just in time to plan some fun for the upcoming month.

If you’d like to receive a Buzz in your box, simply send an email to, subject “subscribe, Buzz”.

If you’d like to list your events in the BizArts Buzz (it’s free!), here’s how:

  • Your free listing must be for an event: theater, music, classes and workshops, lectures, etc. Offering tax services for expats is not an event and will not be free. Offering a tax advice workshop is an event, and we’ll be happy to buzz about it for you.
  • For every event listing you place, you must agree to receive at least 3 editions of the Buzz, including the month your event is listed, before ‘unsubscribing’. BizArts – and the BizArts Buzz – is about supporting and growing our community, not just selling your own projects/classes to the rest of us. Besides, don’t you want to know what the Buzz is all about?
  • Send me your listing (max 75 words) by the 25th of the month, for events taking place in the upcoming month. For the June 2013 issue, the adjusted deadline is May 28th.
  • Be sure your text is written in ready-to-print English, I won’t have time to edit your English. Your event may be held in ANY language, but your listing must be in English. Plain text only, images are not (yet) possible.
  • If you want the Buzz to review your event, you must supply a free ticket to your event for a Buzz representative. The link to your review will appear in the next available e-letter, on the BizArts Facebook page, and eventually in full on the BizArts webpage.
  • In your text, you must include a weblink or email address where readers can find extra information. 
  • Listings may be edited for length.
  • The inclusion of your listing is at the sole discretion of the editor and may depend on available space or other unforeseeable circumstances.

    That’s it. Send your listings and/or queries to, subject “Buzz listing”. And let’s get the Buzz started!


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