Buckle up!

I find it hard to believe it’s been so long since I last visited this blog. Harder still, to read my last post and its hope for…well, hope. It’s effort to stay positive in the midst of heartbreak. It’s call to hold the so-called winners of the Scottish independence referendum to their promises. I’m amazed, in light of what has happened since: broken promises, more austerity, the demonisation of 51% of the Scottish citizenry (those who voted for the SNP during the parliamentary elections in May) as English-hating nationalistic cult followers… So much negativity flowing north from those who, just nine months ago, were ‘love-bombing’ the Scots in an effort to keep them in the union…begging them to ‘lead’ the UK rather than ‘leave’ it. Lead it? The SNP MP’s, with a larger mandate from the voters in Scotland than any other party received in any country in the UK…had to fight just to be able to sit in the seats traditionally reserved for those representing the 3rd largest party in the union, which the SNP now is. Quite shocking isn’t it, that the uncivilized Scots (omg, one of them eats with the kitchen staff!) refuses to sit quietly in the back of the bus, where they belong?

And yet, in the midst of the nastiness of the political and media onslaught, something wonderful has been happening in Scotland, and perhaps it’s exampled by my own feelings. While filled with a sense of despair and disgust at what’s going on at Westminster – aimed not just at the Scots but at so much of the UK citizenry, especially those already on the lower rungs of the financial or social ladder – I’m also bursting with excitement and hope because of what’s happening ‘on the ground’ in Scotland: a blooming of political engagement and passionate interest in what is being done in our name, a political party in power whose representatives truly seem to have equal amounts of intelligence, good intentions, and backbone. I don’t think I’m alone in this dichotomy of emotions – I think rather that I’m representative of the majority of the Scottish electorate. More on this political chat in a later post, but for now…

…while all of this has been going on in the political sphere, my personal and professional life has been on a roller-coaster ride of its own: changes, beginnings and endings…  As I move my Scottish home-base further north, to the Highlands, with the attendant and necessary effects the move will have on my relationships and career choices… I feel as though I’m coming to the end of a journey started 15 years ago. Finding my place in the world, in a place I’d never dreamed of landing. It’s a long way from San Bernardino California, to the Highlands of Scotland. And an interesting journey it’s been – and remains.

So.. a lot of big things going on. Too much to describe in one ‘hello, I’m back’ blog post. So I’ll end this now, but with the promise – which I will keep, as opposed to those made by the ‘Better Together’ team last September – to write again soon. Stay tuned for updates on my upcoming effort to juggle my new life as a farmer(!) with my ongoing but altered life as a ‘creative facilitator’.

Buckle up y’all (and bring your favourite midge repellent)…it’s going to be a wild ride! And this leg of the journey will be spent sitting in the seat of a tractor, as much as at my desk. Gie-up!


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