The other side of the coin

These days, I spread my writing time between this site and The Hirsel’s website, and – as farming is such a big part of my life now – it’s no wonder it affects my philosophizing, as well. Here’s my latest, written for the Hirsel’s site.

The Hirsel

It’s amazing how time flies on a farm – it’s been nearly 7 months since Donald wrote ‘The Yorlin’s Sang’. I laugh – a little wryly – when I read that he was looking forward to the snow melting …we were to be hit by the ‘beast from the east’ the following month, and buried under snow for weeks afterward.

The Beast taught us a few things, one of which was how truly committed to this farm and our animals we are. You have to be, to get through the winter and summer we just did, because otherwise, you’d just chuck it in. But it also reminded us to laugh, and have a little fun too: yes, there are memories of slogging through the snow to feed the sheep, or standing for hours with the sound of the generator grating in my ears, pumping water to the potatoes. But there…

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