Next Steps

This’ll be a short one, and it’s one that’s been a long time coming.

As we prep for our seventh lambing season at the Hirsel, I realize that after living here for almost eight years, my life is all about the farm, now, and whatever I write – about politics, about life and all that – at the core of every blog is this beautiful piece of heaven called The Hirsel. So my digital life is going to move there, too, and this will be my final blog on From now on, you’ll find me at the farm, in person and digitally. That address is, and I hope you move over there with me. I know some of you follow my farm adventures on my Facebook pages, and I’ll look for you there, too. But a website is so much nicer for posting those long storytelling posts I love so much, isn’t it? I am so grateful that you’ve been a part of my journey from The Netherlands, and a life in the arts…to Scotland, and my life on the farm. So I hope you’ll join me, Donald, and all the critters over The Hirsel. See you there! 3>


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