“Donna is a serious, committed theatre professional.  She has excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for discovering new talent.  She is fully able to nurture new voices and work within a creative process to develop it to the fullest potential.  She gives herself fully to the artist and the results of her labors have led to several workshops here in New York City.  She is tough and determined and I know any theatre employing her will benefit from their association.” – Arnold Engelman, Producing Director, Westbeth Theater Center (now Westbeth Entertainment), 

“Donna has been a script editor and/or translator on several film projects I was involved with. As a script editor she brings to the table a vast knowledge of dramaturgy, character building and story structuring, as well as a ‘New York sensibility’, that have proven to be most valuable. As a translator, her previously mentioned credentials combined with her bilinguality make her a perfect choice to translate scripts from Dutch to English.” – Jan Doense, Producer/Director, Film Events / House of Netherhorror

”…very intelligent especially on drama and character, very analytical, well prepared for assignments, you focus on the important/ essential parts, you get the idea behind the story, you give very good creative feedback and suggestions. You lifted my abilities/ and set my goals to reach a higher level.” – Justin Beck, Screenwriter

“Donna is a terrific scriptcoach!  Her method is pure & simple: she mirrors your view by asking questions, revealing very effectively flaws in the contents and its structure. After that, she is very inspiring in ‘thinking out of the box’, while keeping a helicopter view. I always leave her premeses with a new eagerness to write and a lot of gratitude.” – Adriaan Bijl, Drama Coach, Writer/Director Entermorfic Pictures

“I have worked with Donna in several initiatives and always found her to be extremely well organized, completely positive, and totally focused on the ‘bottom line’. With the utmost generosity, Donna motivates her team and ensures that her clients and colleagues are getting the best out of each situation. Donna has an extraordinarily good eye for art, artists, and audience appreciation. Added to that, her generosity of spirit ensures that she shares her expertise and enthusiasm with many worthy causes. I would not hesitate in the slightest to work with Donna on any project she deemed a suitable collaboration of our time and talents.” – Kim Chandler MacDonald, Co Founder – Executive V.P. / Flat World Navigator at KimmiC, March 2010

I was immediately welcomed, chatted with, and with Donna as “hostess” sincerely & enthusiastically encouraged and introduced to like minded artists, writers, theater people, business people, etc, etc…as well as people not in my line at all. The Treehouse and Donna have been for me a port in a storm. – Chantz Perkins, artist.

As a Treehouse volunteer working closely with Donna on several occasions I saw her love of the arts and up close. The Treehouse was a magnet for creatives from all walks of life, from musicians to poets to visual artists. It’s been a wonderful place to connect, be inspired, craft, laugh and vent.  – Elenna Garman, Account Manager at Stampa Communications

“a major point of artistic and literary exchange for the city’s Dutch and multicultural communities”. – (about the ABC Treehouse, during my tenure as director of this cultural center)

As an expat artist (moved to Amsterdam 1995 from Germany) I have found a warm welcoming artistic home in the ABC Treehouse. It gave experienced artists as well as beginners a unique chance to present their art, without the stiff, sometimes elitair attitude of the established gallery scene. But this low level to enter the art scene in Amsterdam did not at all mean low quality.  The theme choice of the exhibitions over the years was surprisingly different as well as the quality of the art. Best of all was that the artists were encouraged to work together in group exhibitions, solo exhibitions were organised only as an exception. This encouraging of community building is quite unique in Amsterdam and I found many like-minded artist friends over the years. – Harald Seiwert, Artist, Amsterdam, February 2nd, 2012