Below is a completely subjective listing of very wonderful people and organizations. They have helped keep my creative and organizational wheels rolling during my work in NYC, Amsterdam, and now Scotland.  They are great at what they do, so don’t hesitate to call on them if you can use their services.

As I continue to put down roots in Scotland, and build a creative bridge between the USA, the Netherlands, and my new home, I’ll had more exciting, creative links to this page, so check back soon…


Attune Theatre, Glasgow:

New York:

Westbeth Entertainment /Arnold

Tony Howarth, Poet and Playwright:


The Expat Center:

Kurt Schmidt/Veresis Consulting:

Amsterdam Beautiful Property

Jan Doense/Film Events:

Harald Seiwert, Graphic

Rene Zuiderveld

Monica Martino

Horlings, meer dan cijfers:


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