Nik Coppin

Nik Coppin “Mixed Racist”

Nik Coppin 'Mixed Racist'

Nik Coppin
‘Mixed Racist’

Following a bizarre radio interview in 2012, comedian Nik Coppin was labelled racist in a major Australian newspaper. This, as well as many other race-related, hilarious and sometimes shocking experiences, is the inspiration for his new solo show: Mixed Racist.

While staying true to Coppin’s affable, fast-paced, unpretentious comedic roots, Mixed Racist is more anecdotal, relevant and thought provoking than his previous offerings. A show that critics have described as “a series of eye-opening points that smash cultural stereotypes”, “Well worth seeing” and “Brilliantly refreshing”.

Mixed Racist will make you laugh and think. And it will help you see that racism, unlike Nik’s own heritage, isn’t simply black and white.

Mixed Racist tours the Australian comedy & festival circuit during winter/spring 2014:

3 – 9 February 2014: Perth Fringe –

14 February – 16 March 2014: Adelaide Fringe –

26 March – 20 April 2014: Melbourne International Comedy Festival –

Nik brings “Mixed Racist” back to England for three performances at the Quadrant Theatre, 24 – 26 May 2014, during the Brighton Fringe Festival:

From there, Mixed Racist moves to the 2014 Edinburgh Fringe Festival:

For more information, or to book Nik Coppin “Mixed Racist” at your venue, contact: Donna DuCarme,

nikNik Coppin

Nik Coppin is a mixed race London-based international stand-up comedian.
He has a confident, affable and energetic approach to comedy which is quick to build audience rapport and his versatility is such that he can easily switch from compering to opening and closing sets, and to doing solo shows.
His shows and material range from topics as diverse as race-related issues, animals, superheroes, observations on everyday life, storytelling, and shows that have incorporated his own cartoons and caricatures.
Nik has performed all over the world developing an international fan base through a variety of shows that he also produces. 
He is one of the few comedians to enjoy success on both the UK comedy circuit and at international festivals. He has performed at the Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringes, New Zealand and Melbourne International Comedy Festivals, all over Australia, and at the inaugural Hollywood Fringe Festival in Los Angeles.
The shows that he produces and comperes – the late show Shaggers and the family friendly show Huggers – have proved very popular brands over the years and regularly sell out to festival audiences.
He is currently developing his critically-acclaimed show Mixed Racist, that will tour the UK as well as perhaps the USA and Caribbean after the Australian and New Zealand comedy festivals throughout 2014.
This new show marks a slightly new direction in as much as it is more anecdotal, relevant and extremely thought-provoking whilst not straying too far from his friendly comedic roots.

Nik Coppin Reviews:

“Impressive….brilliantly refreshing” – Broadway Baby, Edinburgh Fringe 2013
“Makes a series of eye-opening points that smash cultural stereotypes. Positive 4 stars!”-, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2013
“Friendly and charming character….humorous and interesting….Charismatic” – Rip It Up, Adelaide Fringe 2013
“Amazingly funny stories, wickedly clever insights and a sense of fun that will drag anyone in. Super funny, super fun and charisma up the wazoo, Nik’s awesome! 9/10 – Funny Tonne, Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2009.
“The banter is slick and engaging. He goes off on the sort of wild tangents beloved of messers Izzard and Noble” –, Edinburgh Fringe 2008
“A rapid fire non-stop act full of energy. His hour went so quick, his charming smile and easy manner had the audience eating out of his hand and wanting more. Go and see him” – 9/10 – Melbourne International Comedy Festival 2006

Nik Coppin’s website:


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