3 levels of support…

With 3 levels of support for your project, BizArts can be as hands on as you need us to be. From a light touch of support, to full-on producing, we can tailor our program to suit your project and your budget.


You’ll create, own, and present your project.

BizArts supports a wide range of projects with consultation and light organizational support, as well as promotional assistance. We might help you translate it, or edit it, if it’s a writing project. Or write and distribute a press release; spread the news via social media or at other events, or act as on-site support during the event. We may host your event at our location or at a partner location.

When BizArts supports your project, the ultimate risks and rewards of seeing the project to presentation is yours. BizArts will work on a fee basis, tailored to your budget and the projects needs, and you’ll keep all other ownership of, and income earned from, the project. But with BizArts supporting you, your chances of success are greater. And your stress levels will be exponentially lower!


BizArts presents or co-presents selected projects with our partner organizations.  If BizArts presents your project, you’ll create and own it. But because we believe in the project enough to put our name on it, BizArts will offer the project a more intensive package of consultation, promotion and organizational assistance.

For these projects BizArts may also share some of the costs and risks of the project. In return, we will work for a slightly higher fee, or for a potential share of income earned from it.


When BizArts is invested in a project enough to produce it, we’ll create it or co-create it with you and our partners. We’ll own it or co-own it. And by ‘own’, we mean in the fullest sense of the word: we’ll take our full share of responsibility for getting the project from idea to reality. We will put the team together, help secure funding, be involved with the day-to-day development of the project, and share in the risks and joys of delivering it to an audience. We’ll also take on our full  share of risks – putting our reputation – and our finances – on the line for it.

Do you have an idea you’d like to turn into a reality? Contact me for a free needs assessment session: donna@donnaducarme.com