Writing & Translation credits

Go to bottom of page for references from some of my writing and coaching clients.


  • Languages: English (native), Dutch (NT2 certified)
  • Translation / English language cleanup of many types of writing (Dutch to English), including press releases, books, web content, plays and screenplays
  • Script doctoring and coaching/consultation (Dutch and English) – with an emphasis on story, internal logic and character
  • Writing (English), start to finish, my ideas or yours
  • Coaching actors and public speakers, with special help for actors who are not native English speakers 

Representative assignments

Translator, De Slag om de Schelde, Screenplay, historical, Paula v/d Oest, 2019

Translator, My Best Friend Anne Frank, Screenplay, historical, Batavier/Ruven, 2019

English language cleanup, The Cleaner, Treatment, comedy/horror, Jan van Gorkum, 2019

Translator, Woensdag Gehaktdag, Screenplay, horror, Wijo Koek, 2015

Translator, Spinoza, Screenplay, historical, Rudolf van den Berg/Cadenza Films, 2014/15

Translator, Nan Yar, Who Am I, instruction manual, Ingrid Schippers, 2014

Script Doctor, Influenza, Screenplay, thriller, Justin Beck, 2013

Script Doctor, Hollywood, Screenplay, dramedy, Adriaan Bijl, 2013

Translator, Orestes, Son of Blood (working title) ), Screenplay, historical/fantastic, Rudolf vd Berg/Cadenza Films, 2012/2013

Writer, Exhibition, Screenplay, thriller, with Van Tongeren & Mitchell: Screenplay (scheduled for 2014 production)

Writer, Family Portrait, Screenplay, drama, in development

Writer/Director, Ms. Lysistrata (1992-2003) Stage play, from Aristophanes; multiple adaptations/productions

Writer/Director, A California Christmas Carol (1985 & 1991) Stage & Radio plays, with Roy Zimmerman

Writer/Director, The Looking Lass (1992-2008) Stage play, multiple adaptations/productions, including Radio

Translator, Midden in de Winternacht (2012) Screenplay,family, Lemming Film

Translator, Nieuw Bloed (2010), Screenplay, horror, Visser & v. Geloven / House of Netherhorror

Translator, Complexx (2007) subtitles, Screenplay, action, Jansen & Adsonn / Robin Media

Translator, Key of Time (2003), Screenplay, adventure, Adriaan Bijl

Translator/Director, In Een Klap/In One Blow (2002) one-act theater from a short film by Phil van Tongeren

Script editor/Director, A Christmas Carol (2008 – 2014 presentations) Reader’s Theater, from novel by C. Dickens

Script Editor/Director, The Moon is Down (2004 – 2012 presentations) Reader’s Theater, from novel by J. Steinbeck

Script Editor/Director, Lovin’ Shakepeare (2003) a.k.a Hustlin’ Shakespeare (2006) Stage play

Language Coach, (2003) Lost Chord Radio, JongHollandia/ZT Hollandia

Guest Blogger, http://www.iamexpat.nl (2011) Online news, events, and community. Multiple articles under the heading of “The Political Expat”  & http://www.thesentinel.eu (2008) Online sports and commentary: “A Feminist Falls for Football” & “Is America Ready [for a Black President]”

representative clients

American Book Center, Amsterdam Fantastic Film Festival/Imagine, Dutch Filmworks, House of Knowledge, Netherlands Filmmuseum (Eye Institute), Adriaan Bijl/Entermorfic Pictures, Jan Doense Enterprises/House of NetherHorror, Cadenza Films/Koolbergen/van den Berg, Lemming Film, Propellor Film/Jan-Willem van Ewijk, Netherlands Society of Cinematographers, http://www.thesentinel.eu, http://www.iamexpat.nl. Plus individual, confidential coaching assignments.

related work experience (full CV available on request)

Jan 2012 – 2013             BizArts Amsterdam

Conducted research and wrote a business plan for a Business & Arts Center, to be located in Amsterdam.
Edited and published an e-letter promoting English language events and courses in the Amsterdam area.

Jan 2006 – Dec 2011            Director, ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam, NL

Responsible for the generation and publication of promotion for events taking place in venue.  This included writing press releases and web content, brochures and newsletters, and editing and translation of clients’ material for listing on our website.

2002 – Ongoing                        Artistic Director, Theaterworks Amsterdam, NL

Selection of the repertoire, dramaturg, and (co)author of original productions.  Primary responsibility for generating text for promotion and fundraising efforts, including funding applications.

1994-1999                         Associate Producer/New Works Curator Westbeth Theatre Center, New York City, USA

Critical review and selection of submitted materials; dramaturgy, playwright and script development; initiation and coordination of readings and workshop productions; direction of readings, workshop productions, solo works.

Some client responses. More here.

“A Reference Check you mean? No problem. To sum up: I think you are: very intelligent especially on drama and character, very analytical, well prepared for assignments, you focus on the important/ essential parts, you get the idea behind the story, you give very good creative feedback and suggestions. You lifted my abilities/ and set my goals to reach a higher level.” – Justin Beck, screenwriter

“Donna is a terrific scriptcoach!  Her method is pure & simple: she mirrors your view by asking questions, revealing very effectively flaws in the contents and its structure. After that, she is very inspiring in ‘thinking out of the box’, while keeping a helicopter view. I always leave her premeses with a new eagerness to write and a lot of gratitude.” – Adriaan Bijl, Drama Coach, Writer/Director Entermorfic Pictures

“Donna has been a script editor and/or translator on several film projects I was involved with. As a script editor she brings to the table a vast knowledge of dramaturgy, character building and story structuring, as well as a ‘New York sensibility’, that have proven to be most valuable. As a translator, her previously mentioned credentials combined with her bilinguality make her a perfect choice to translate scripts from Dutch to English.” – Jan Doense, Producer/Director, Film Events / House of Netherhorror


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