At this time, the only off-farm assignments I’m currently accepting are translation projects (Dutch to English, with a preference for film related materials), as I’m focusing (most of) my creative energies on making a success of the Hirsel, the farm I run with my husband in the Highlands of Scotland.

However, if you want to know more about my varied (to say the least) career, read on…

Writing & Translation projects: Film, Stage, and Literary/Creative writing
Theatre/performance arts
Visual Arts
Cultural, Community, and Educational Events

Current and Recent Projects

Early spring in the Highlands; the view from Cnoc na Cuaiche, The Hirsel.

Early spring in the Highlands; the view from Cnoc na Cuaiche, The Hirsel.

The Hirsel is a small family-owned farm, located in an ‘area of outstanding natural beauty” in the Scottish Highlands. After a  long period of neglect, the farm is now being taken through an extensive renovation process by Donald Gillies and myself. When The Hirsel is fully up and running, it will be a diversified business with three branches: animal and crop farming, farm services for hire, and cultural tourism activities and accommodation. Visit our website, or follow us on The Hirsel’s Facebook page for updates.

Inverkeithing Arts Initiative (IAI) is a social enterprise formed for charitable purposes. The organisation is based

Handmade decorations for ‘Bloomin Marvelous Inverkeithing’. Foto by Mary Farrell

in Inverkeithing, Fife, registered with the Companies House UK as a Community Interest Company (CIC) # 489172, and has been formed ” to facilitate and support opportunities for community participation in a broad spectrum of educational, cultural & heritage, artistic, and any other activities which foster creativity and lifelong learning.” I worked with IAI as a founding director during the company’s first year of operations.

For more information about Inverkeithing Arts Initiative visit: or

Attune Theatre Company (Stewart Marshal, Artistic Director) is a promising young theatre company located in Glasgow, which exists to present the works of Stewart Marshal. I’ve served as an occasional outside consultant and dramaturg for Mr. Marshal and the company. For more information about Attune Theatre Company, visit:

As a writer and director, I’ve produced my scripts off-off Broadway, and in the multi-cultural stew that is Amsterdam; I’ve worked on screenplays as a co-writer, and as a script doctor; and I’ve written guest blogs for various online sites.

I’ve served as translator for multiple Dutch-to-English film projects currently in development, including a couple which will be produced in English. I’ve earned a reputation for speed, and for capturing the ‘voice’ of the original writer.

The cast of Charles Dickens' A Christmas Carol, Inverkeithing 2014

The cast of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, Inverkeithing 2014‘.

Kenan Raven, Carl Lewis & Claartje van Swaai in

Kenan Raven, Carl Lewis & Claartje van Swaai in “The Crucible”, Amsterdam

City Lights Theater Company, 1980's

City Lights Theater Company, 1980’s


Eddie Izzard

Eddie Izzard
“Dress to Kill” 1998
Westbeth Theater Center NYC








“Donna is a serious, committed theatre professional.  She has excellent organizational skills and a keen eye for discovering new talent.  She is fully able to nurture new voices and work within a creative process to develop it to the fullest potential.  She gives herself fully to the artist and the results of her labors have led to several workshops here in New York City.  She is tough and determined and I know any theatre employing her will benefit from their association.” – Arnold Engelman, Producing Director, Westbeth Theater Center (now Westbeth Entertainment)


Opening: Aerosol Odyssey , ABC Treehouse

Opening: Aerosol Odyssey
ABC Treehouse, Amsterdam



Culture and Donna define each other. She chooses, promotes, produces, and inspires many differentkinds of activities.  The people who join in are individuals, creative, effective, and lively – her space is not for hangers-on or couch-sitters! In the past years, the place she has occupied has attracted talent and creativity and held events that allow people of all sorts to create together.  Any community would benefit and she should have full support and encouragement.  I urge you to give it. – – Carrie Ballard, owner Vestri Optics


Visit this page for my CVs, project lists and contact information.

Click here for a bit of my backstory.

Do you have an idea you’d like to turn into reality? Contact me, and let’s make it happen:

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